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Technically the mission itself is so demanding and challenging that Dr. Singhania has commissioned the best authorities in the world to achieve the objective. Andy Elson and Colin Prescot have been charged with the responsibility of designing and fabricating the capsule, envelope and burners. The credentials of these two balloonists are impeccable.

Andy is not only a balloonist of long standing and repute; he is also a renowned scientist who has designed similar sealed capsules for NASA. He was also the first person to balloon over Mt. Everest in 1991, and to fly above 40000 ft on at least 6 occasions.

Colin too is no mean balloonist having performed many stunts from balloons in James Bond movies. These two gentlemen almost broke the world record for being the first to fly around the world. Their attempt was only thwarted by International bureaucratic red tape and plain bad luck.

The entire ground team of professionals is the best that can be mustered and no stone has been left unturned to make the project a grand success.

The Project is coordinated by Capt. M. R. Wadia who is a decorated officer of the Indian Air Force and later a senior captain and instructor with Air India, flying B-747 400. He was India Director of the International Federation of Airline Pilots’ Association, and founder President of the Federation of Indian Pilots, a body formed to address professional and safety issues in India. He was also Founder Principal of the Institute of Aviation and Aviation Safety affiliated to the University of Mumbai. He was a member of technical committees and Human Engineering Panel appointed by the Government.

Andy Elson
Colin Prescot
Capt. M. R. Wadia